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Chitwan National Park Travel Guide

Featuring a luxurious woodlands and spectacular fauna including this unusual horned rhino, this Royal Bengal tiger woods, crocodiles, elephants, deer and over four-hundred varieties of chickens, this Royal Chitwan National Park offers the greatest wildlife encounters in Asia. Laying in the Terai belt, and ringed through the Churia Mountains, Chitwan is actually flanked through the streams Rapti, Reu and Narayani. The particular Royal Chitwan National Park has been set up in 1973 and is also this most ancient National Park in Nepal. This particular national park started to be a global History Site in 1984.

Throughout the late 19th one hundred year, Chitwan has been this private searching pre-book of the Rana Primary Ministers. Within 1911, Double George Versus guided the searching bash for you to Chitwan and is also believed to have picture thirty-seven tigers and eight rhinos. The particular jungle of Chitwan has been a well-liked stay with between Nepalese royals. It is said during 1933-40 this king and the guests wiped out all-around 400 and thirty-three tigers and fifty-three rhinos. Through the late 1960s individuals of rhinos and tigers with Chitwan received dwindled considerably caused by indiscriminate searching and poaching. The particular incident declared of Chitwan being a national park in1973 and also the imposition of stringent actions towards poaching and unauthorized conversion of high for you to farmland have made it easier for with escalating this fauna inhabitants.

Activities & Spots to go to

Elephant Game Show The most thrill although with Chitwan is the regular elephant drive. Using an elephant drive towards jungle is a connection with a lifetime. The particular lodges within the car park have their own elephants. About three as well as from time to time a number of people can drive on an elephant. Hippo safaris are commonly begin in their early mornings as well as in the late mid-day. There are off-road organized tours readily available within the car park. The top several weeks for this is actually via mid-February in the event the elephant turf have been cut, allowing optimal views. You may also take a walk within the car park, presented you're together with courses.

Canoeing along the Rapti as well as Narayani streams is the almost all relaxing means of observing this fauna particularly this marine chickens and crocodiles. A number of lodges set up visits for you to neighborhood Tharu villages. Tharus, the main residents of Chitwan, have their own tradition, dialect and traditions that's really totally different from in which of the Nepalese mountain people. A trip towards elephant multiplying camping and also the gharial multiplying heart can also be helpful.

Local vegetation

The particular jungle vegetation is actually completely outclassed simply by high and open grassland. There are flowering varieties of bushes such as the organic cotton, acacia and relationship of the high. These bushes bloom via January for you to early spring and fill this high using multi-colored blossoms. The particular taller elephant turf rules this grassland and provide the idea the savanna similar to physical appearance.


One Horned Rhino The particular national park is home to the great one- horned American Indian rhino, this world's 3rd most significant terrain mammal. Many people prey on turf, that's additionally his or her regular habitat and move on its own as well as with teams. The particular elephants witnessed usually in the park usually are trained and tamed. The particular tamed elephants are employed pertaining to elephant rides together with to transport major a lot with Chitwan. The particular Royal tigers usually are by nature reclusive, nor attack except if provoked as well as trying to find foods. You will find a number of different varieties of deer moving into this car park -- this barking deer, this hog deer, this sambar deer and also the noticed deer.

Unique varieties of chickens are already registered the following. The particular American Indian peafowl, this dark-colored went oriole, and also the open bill stork usually are some. The particular park's streams and marshes usually are residence for you to a variety of reptiles such as the pythons, crocodiles, gharials, which prey on these people own in and also the marsh mugger. The common leopard, langur and rhesus goof additionally comprise this park's fauna inhabitants.

How To Reach Chitwan

Getting there Chitwan is accessible simply by car or truck as well as shuttle about the Kathmandu -Mugling-Narayanghat Motorway as well as by means of this Mahendra Motorway via Hetauda. It requires all-around six to eight hours drive an automobile via Kathmandu for you to Narayanghat. Air-services via Kathmandu for you to Meghauli and Bharatpur can be readily available. Service provider to go to this national park via is actually via October for you to January.

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