How to reach Chitwan?

How to reach Chitwan?

How to fly to Chitwan National Park from Kathmandu

The nearest airport to Chitwan National Park is Bharatpur Airport, in s (10km away). A taxi is easily obtainable from the airport. You will need to bargain hard. Prices start at 500rps but vary depending on fuel strikes etc.

Plane tickets to Chitwan are available from nearly all travel agencies in Kathmandu. Flights run daily depending on numbers. Off season and flights are frequently postponed until the next day. Prices are approximately USD $100.

How to take a bus from Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park

There are several options. The two most popular are to take a local bus or to take a private tour bus. The Kathmandu bus to Chitwan is actually to Sauraha. The first bus leaves from Kathmandu from just outside Thamel along Kantipath Road (first right after Garden of dreams and outside the USA Embassy leisure center). There will be buses here for several destination including Pokhara. Most leave at 7am (prompt).

You can buy a ticket to Sauraha in advance from a travel agency or your hotel. Tickets cost 400-500 rupees. 400 approx is you buy in person at the bus stop that morning. You will have to bargain a little. Journey time to Sauraha is about 4-5 hours. Please read the section further below on getting from Sauraha bus stop into the town as it's important.

Private buses to Sauraha

Private (air-con) buses vary but the two most popular are Greenline and Rainbow tours. Off season they don't often run. During peak season expect to pay USD $12-20.

Mini vans to Sauraha

Kalanki bus stop has mini buses (micro vans) running to Sauraha. It's cheaper than all of the above but there are many dusty stops along the way ending at Tadi Bazaar Sauraha. You'll then need to take a rickshaw/taxi to the town itself (6km).

How to fly to Chitwan National Park from Pokhara

Again the nearest airport to Chitwan National Park is Bharatpur Airport which is 10km away. Flights from Pokhara to Bharatpur run daily during peak season and only take around 25-30 mins. Prices are usually below USD $100. (Currently there are no flights in Operation from Pokhara to Chitwan.)

How to take a bus from Pokhara to Chitwan National Park

Regular buses from Pokhara to Sauraha leave from Pokhara's main bus stop from 5am to lunch time. The journey time is 4-6 hours. Tickets can be bought from travel agents hotels or at the bus park. Though buses have been known to fill up so it's advisable to book ahead. Prices start from around 500 rupees.

Private buses to Sauraha from Pokhara

Private (air-con) buses vary Greenline over a service during peak season. Enquire before making plans as the service is not always running due to tourist numbers.

By Roadways

Narayangarh Mugling Road Via Kathmandu: there are three types of buses available. Cheaper Birgunj bound buses which will drop you at Tadi Bazaar about 4 kilometers north of Sunauli where you can easily get local bus, taxi, rickshaws, tanga/pony carts. These second bit more expensive type is the direct tourist buses that are no more comfortable than normal intercity except they are full of tourists. A third type are more comfortable air condition buses (Greenline, etc.). All buses will travel via Mugling, Narayangarh/Bharatpur, Tadi Bazaar, Sauraha; 4–5 hours.

Via Sunauli / Bhairahawa on an eastern bound (Birgunj/Biratnagar) buses traveling through Butwal, Bharatpur, Tadi Bazaar. Change to local bus, jeep, pony cart, rickshaw to Sauraha: 3 – 4 hours.

Via Pokhara: direct tourist buses are available via Mugling, Narayangarh / Bharatpur, Tadi Bazaar, Sauraha; 3 – 4 hours.

From Pokhara and Kathmandu many tourist buses leave at 7:00 am. Just pop into any ticket and travel agency for all the details. From Kakarbhitta or Raxaul, take the bus for Narayangadh and get off at Ratnanagar, 7 kms from Sauraha. The last 7 kms can be made by jeep.

When leaving, your lodge/hotel will organize a motorbike or jeep to take you to the bus park to pick up the tourist bus or take you the 10 kms to Ratananagar where buses connect with Sunauli, Kakarbhitta and Raxaul.

By Airways

In addition to good road access, Sauraha has good air connections through Bharatpur airport with regular daily air services from Pokhara and Kathmandu. The airport lies just 15 kilometer to the west of Sauraha. Will need to change to bus, jeep, taxi for connection to Sauraha. Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines and Nepal Airlines Corporation provides daily scheduled flight to Chitwan from Kathmandu and Pokhara and to Kathmandu and Pokhara from Chitwan.

Contact Buddha Air
Kathmandu: Tel: + 977-1-5542494 (Hunting Line), Sales: +977-1-4437025, 4437677, 4438915, Fax: 977-1-4436033, Email:
Bharatpur: +977-56-524975, Fax: +977-56-528790, Email:, Airport: 056-520581

Contact Yeti Airlines
Tilganga Sales Counter, Tel. No: +977-1-4465888 (Hunting Line), Reservations: +977-1-4464878, Fax No: +977-1-4465115, E-mail:
Bharatpur: Office: +977-56-523136, Airport: +977-56-526575

Contact Nepal Airlines Corporation
Tel No: +977-1-4220757, 4248614, 4244055, 4248617, Fax: +977-1-4225348, Email:, Toll Free No: 16600110787
Chitwan Office: Ph: +977-56-530470

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